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 London - Amazing Facts;

  • London is the Capital of the United Kingdom
  • Its Metropolitan area has over 13 million inhabitants with an Urban population of over 9.7 million
  • The capital is governed by the Mayor of London and the London Assembly
  • It is the first City to host the Summer Olympic Games three times
  • London contains four UNESCO World Heritage sites; Tower of London, Kew Gardens, Palace of Westminster and Greenwich
  • London Underground is the oldest underground railway network in the World and is the second longest in the World
  • The city is made up of 32 Boroughs plus the City of London
  • Top tourist attraction is the British Museum
  • Three of the top ten Museums & Galleries in the World are in London
  • London has 857 Art Galleries and 170 Museums
  • More than 300 languages are spoken here, more than any other city in the World
  • The World's first traffic light was erected outside the House of Commons in 1868
  • London Zoo is the World's oldest Zoo, opening in 1828
  • The 72 storey Shard is the tallest building in the European Union
  • London has the most multi-millionaires in the World
  • Wilton's Music Hall is the oldest surviving Music Hall in the World built in 1743
  • 22 executions took place within the Tower of London. The last person to be executed at the Tower of London was a German spy Josef Jakobs on August 15th 1941 after being caught parachuting into England

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